The KFFC has a three-fold mission:

  • To (re)discover Korean culture and arts through Korean film and media;
  • To bridge cultural gaps and support mutual encounters and develop networking among different groups, generations, and communities in culture and art; 
  • To promote intercultural understanding and to cultivate relationships, concentrating on but not limited to Korean and Canadian communities.


The Korean Film Festival Canada (KFFC), “Where West meets East,” presents Korean films, visual arts, media, and cultural activities in Montreal, encouraging intercultural dialogue by sharing stories. Since the turn of the century, we have supported cultural diversity through artistic and cultural exchange between Korea and Canada. 


The KFFC presents film screenings, seminars, workshops, artist talks, and publications. We aim to augment diverse cultural voices and lived experiences through Korean cinema. We work to support emerging and professional Korean-Canadian artists and allies to encourage the next generation of storytellers. 

Artistic Vision

The modus operandi of our film festival combines the unique identities and authentic arts of Canada and Korea. We strive to respect and mobilize the Anglophone community which is considered a minority within the Francophone environment in Quebec. Furthermore, as we respect Korean heritage and as we create a bridge between artists in Korea and Canada, we must also apply ourselves in keeping our film festival trilingual. Our materials are presented in Korean, English, and French, and our staff are all from these same backgrounds. We also embrace the use of other languages as we are part of the multi-cultural mosaic of Canada. KFFC exists today thanks to the volunteer work by emerging and established artists who bolstered us as we started out with Ciné-Asie. We aim to ensure that our unique cultural and artistic identity is embedded and recognized in the local community that thrives both here in Canada and in Korea.